Bilayer PMMA Block

Thickness: 10-25mm
Color: VITA 16 colors, Pink(PinkA,PinkB,PinkC)
Modulus of Elasticity: 100MP
Density: 1.35-1.45g/cm³
Hardness: 85-90 (Shore hardness)
Water Absorption: < 0.04%
Component: PMMA>99%; Pigment <1%
Bending strength: 88 MPa

Bilayer PMMA Block

XANGTECH bilayer PMMA block has excellent abrasion resistance, good stability, natural colour transitions and is easy to work with. Over the past 11 years, it has been exported to many countries and regions and is widely acclaimed.

  • Excellent biocompatibility, safe to use in the mouth, non-toxic
  • The colour is perfectly close to the natural colour of the teeth
  • Low thermal conductivity, no irritation to the pulp due to hot and cold changes
  • Easy to process, saving processing time

Case Picture Of Bilayer PMMA Block

Lightweight and compact, XANGTECH PMMA blocks are essential for dental laboratories

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