XANGTECH Ceramic Furnace

Ceramic Furnace

Chamber Size: Dia:90 x H:70mm
Max. Temp.: 1200C
Heating Rate: 0-200C /min
Heating Element: Top Quality heat Wire
Vacuum: -97Kpa
Working Voltage: 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Max. Power: 1.6KW
Current: 14.5A@110V 7A@230V

Ceramic Furnace

Our innovative, high-quality, easy-to-operate and compact ceramic furnace is essential dental equipment for dental laboratories and clinics. It combines internationally advanced science and technology with industry expertise and is trusted by our customers.

  • High-quality temperature automatic adjustment function, to ensure the actual temperature error within +/- 1 °.
  • Easy to operate, small size, the world’s smallest ceramic one of the furnace.
  • Precision stepper motor drive, smooth free operation and no jitter.
  • Quartz spiral furnace.Automatic temperature calibration before each roasting process.
  • USB port for easy connection with PC service program.
  • 99 custom programs and built-in programs.
  • status indication.

Case Picture Of Ceramic Furnace

XANGTECH ceramic furnaces are of excellent quality, easy to operate and a great choice for dental laboratories

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