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Our products are easy to operate, small in size, noiseless and run smoothly.The high quality automatic temperature adjustment and voice announcement function provide our customers with the best service.

What is dental furnace?

Dental furnaces are devices used in dental laboratories to fabricate dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, bridges and dentures. Typically, it is used to heat and cool dental materials to achieve specific physical and chemical properties at high temperatures. Typically, dental furnaces are equipped with programmable controllers that help dentists set different temperature and time parameters depending on the dental material. In addition, dental furnaces have special materials built into the furnace chamber that can withstand the high temperatures of the heated material, preventing the dental furnace chamber from cracking during the heating process, and preventing the dental material from being contaminated during the heating process. The dental furnace also has the function of cooling the dental materials. It can gradually cool down the dental restorations during the cooling process, preventing the dental restorations from cracking or deforming due to the rapid drop in temperature.

The development of dental furnaces is of great importance to the dental industry. The pursuit of dental researchers for more accurate and efficient dental restorations has directly contributed to the development of dental furnace technology. In order to solve the problem of uneven heating of the dental furnace chamber, researchers have placed heating elements and sensors with advanced technology in the furnace chamber, which can make the entire furnace chamber in the heating process of heat distribution uniformity and improve the accuracy of the restorations. And with the development of computer technology, the technicians creatively combine the dental furnace research and development with digitalisation and automation, and equip the dental furnace with advanced software and design system and manufacturing system, which realises the precise control of the firing process and improves the working efficiency. In order to be able to process a wide range of dental materials to suit different dental needs, dental professionals have expanded the range of materials that can be processed in dental furnaces, which are now able to process a wide range of materials such as zirconia blocks, lithium disilicate, metals, PMMA and many more. In recent years, sustainability and energy efficiency have become the focus of the dental industry, and dental furnaces have been enhanced with energy-saving features to reduce power consumption and promote sustainable development in the dental industry.

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Product By Applications

Different types of dental furnaces for different applications

Precise temperature control, controlled firing process and a wide range of dental materials can be processed. Equipped with advanced filtration system to filter harmful particles, extend the service life.

Small size, light weight, easy to carry, save space, less energy consumption. Built-in voice announcement system, easy to operate and use. Suitable for small dental clinics with limited budget.

Precise cooling cycle, short processing time, high productivity, low noise and smooth operation, equipped with a real colour touch screen, easy to operate, suitable for beginners in dentistry.

With both fast sintering and slow sintering functions, it is versatile and meets different needs. Uniform heating, suitable for precise dental restorations.

Fast Zirconia Sintering Furnace

Rapid sintering is more energy efficient, saves energy, improves utilisation of dental materials, saves processing time, improves efficiency and is cost effective.

Moderate furnace chamber size and short sintering time allow for economies of scale. Built-in numerous programmable sintering programmes with a wide range of functions.

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After the customer purchases the product we will provide detailed operation manuals and online services to help, guide the customer when necessary, as well as obtain customer feedback and improve.


Overall light weight, small size, better portability. Low working energy consumption, cost saving and environmentally friendly.


Built-in customised programmes allow precise control of the workflow while reducing the number of manual adjustments, simplifying processes and increasing productivity.


99 customised and in-built programs, a large number and an extremely wide range of applications to help dentists customise treatment for their patients.

Efficient production

With our own factory and production lines, we can produce, assemble and transport your equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible after receiving your order, saving you valuable time.Our efficient production is achieved through the introduction of advanced technology and simplification of operational processes, thus contributing to the improvement of the company’s entire production efficiency. At the same time, efficient production can also reduce the generation of errors in the production process and effectively improve product quality. In addition, it also means that our company is more flexible in the fast-moving and fast-changing business environment, and can adapt to changes faster and push out new products and updates to meet customers’ needs.

Advanced technology

Our equipment is based on internationally advanced technology and production experience, and we continue to provide our customers with more advanced and effective technology and services based on our reliable equipment.Our advanced technology is one of the reasons why our company is ahead of our competitors in the industry. Most of our company’s production lines are now automated, thus automatically integrating product inventory management, customer management, and other multi-system integration. In addition, in today’s digital age, our advanced production technology allows us to provide our customers with an excellent buying experience.

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How to set up the required program?

We will send an electronic version of the operating manual upon delivery and provide technical guidance online.You can use it with our help.

How long is the warranty period?

A one-year warranty, during which time we send spare parts free of charge if the equipment fails.

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