XANGTECH Dental Wax Block

Our wax blocks are fully compatible with mainstream systems in the dental industry

What is dental wax block?

Dental wax block is a common material for making teeth and crowns in dental laboratories. It is brightly coloured and light in weight.

The wax disc is easy to process, reducing processing time and helping to reduce wear and tear on the turning machine. It deforms to a lesser extent during machining, allowing for maximum assurance of the finished shape.

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Different sizes of wax blocks for different models of machines

Amann Girrbach Wax Block
Open Wax Block
Open Wax Block
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Excellent anti-static property, easy for processing


Easy to process and can simplify production steps


Environmentally friendly materials to reduce pollution during processing


Special technical treatment, processing without deformation

Complete production line

Our factory has a complete production line to ensure the timely supply of products. At the same time, products can be customised at any time according to customer requirements.

production processes

Regulated production processes

We have been specialising in the dental materials industry for many years and have strict production processes to ensure that our products are of excellent quality over the long term, providing our customers with good value for money dental products.

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What are the colors of wax blocks?


What is the range of application of wax block ?

Our wax block is compatible with dental laboratories and is specifically designed for use in dental CAD/CAM systems for sculpting waxes, wax moulds for crowns and bridges.

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