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What is dental zirconia block

Dental zirconia block is a common dental material used for dental restorations. It is made of zirconium dioxide and has good strength and wear resistance to withstand the high biting forces and abrasion caused by daily chewing in the human mouth. It is widely used because it is non-toxic and non-harmful to humans and resists the growth of bacteria in the mouth, minimising the risk of allergic reactions in patients. It is often used to make crowns, bridges and other dental parts.

In recent years, researchers in the dental industry have started to improve the performance of zirconia blocks by optimising their composition and improving the process of manufacturing them so that they can withstand greater forces. Building on this, as the initial zirconia blocks were less transparent and unsuitable for dental restorations, researchers developed zirconia blocks with higher translucency, which greatly contributed to the development of the dental zirconia block industry. Subsequently, as the public demanded a natural transition in colour for dental materials, researchers developed multilayer zirconia blocks to improve the aesthetics of the finished product. Innovations in the field of dental zirconia have witnessed the rapid development of the dental industry and dental zirconia blocks are certain to play an important role in the future of dentistry.

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Product By Translucency

The translucency of sintered denture false tooth will vary according to the translucency of dental zirconia block.

ht plus

The most basic type of zirconia block. Highly strong and suitable for restorations in areas of teeth with high biting forces. Well established manufacturing process, chemically stable, often used with colouring liquids and is the basic material in dental laboratories.

htc zirocnia block

Coloured pigments are added during the manufacture of the base type, making it easy for the dentist to select the right colour to suit the patient’s tooth colour. It provides sufficient strength for the posterior teeth of the mouth and is the first choice for posterior restorations.

st plus
Super Translucent Plus White Zirconia Block

It is more transparent than the basic type of zirconia block, suitable for large span bridges and full mouth restorations, has a low material waste rate, is cost effective and economical, as well as having a wide range of applications and is often chosen by dental laboratory dentists.

Super Trsnslucnt Color Zirconia Block
Designed specifically for patients with highly aesthetic dental requirements,ingenious and creative design, it is a favourite for those who prioritise aesthetic dental results.
Super Trsnslucnt Multilayer Zirconia Block
Realistic appearance, multi-layer structure improves mechanical properties, diverse functions, and can be used for personalized dental restoration.
3D Multilayer Zirconia Block

Advanced manufacturing technology, consisting of multilayer zirconia of different transparency, with evenly distributed materials. Finished product can imitate the characteristics of natural teeth that reflect light.

3D pro Multilayer Zirconia Block

Ideal choice for cosmetic repair, perfectly balancing durability and aesthetic effects, currently the hottest selling product,maintaining the patient’s facial structure

4D Multilayer Zirconia Block

Unique layering technology without additional dyeing, precise color matching provides more options,meeting the aesthetic expectations of patients

5D Multilayer Zirconia Block

Latest manufacturing technology mimics natural tooth structures, making it more visually appealing for advanced customization,improving patient comfort.

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Product Feature Box


Stability ensures no deformation at high temperature and it can achieve precise fitting, improve durability, and not damage structural integrity.


Good transmittance can easily achieve perfect tooth effect,tooth color is white and bright and more favored by patients.


Various types to solve different dental problems,corresponding products for dental crowns, dental bridges, whole oral teeth, etc.


Widely used with high quality and low price,customized zirconia crowns and bridges, cavity fillers, tooth veneers, arch restoration, orthodontics, and other fields.

Accept Customer Customization At Any Time

We have our own factory and complete production line. Customers can customize products at any time, including product logo, product specifications, size,thickness,product packaging, etc.Our customized products provide a personalised experience for our customers, expressing their unique creativity and imagination. Moreover, our customised products are of the highest quality, and every detail is strictly controlled during the production process. In addition, we can create products to suit the needs of our customers, so that they fit perfectly and enhance their overall product experience.


Product Certifications Are Complete

Our product certificates are complete and various to ensure reliable product quality and solve customer concerns.A complete product certificate is a strong guarantee that our products are free from any potential safety and danger and that customers can use them with confidence. In addition, customers can determine the most suitable product by evaluating our certificate according to their own usage habits and personal preferences. At the same time, our complete range of certificates is our promise of trust to our customers and increases the transparency of information about our products. With these certificates we hope to increase our credibility and help our customers to make the most informed dental choice.

Product Case Display

zirconia discs
zirconia discs

The finished product made of our dental zirconia block has natural color, excellent quality and long service life. It is very similar to natural teeth in terms of shape and color. It is deeply trusted and supported by customers and is the first choice of many dental laboratories and clinics.


Different Applications of Zirconia Blocks

Dental crowns
Dental Crowns And Bridges

Dental zirconia blocks are the most common material used to make crowns and bridges today. Compared to other materials, zirconia can support the enormous biting forces of the human mouth and also resembles the colour of natural human teeth. At the same time, it supports the tooth, leaving the tooth structure intact and avoiding deformation of the patient’s facial bone.

Dental Implants
Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that support dentures or bridges. Usually, dental implants have a very high success rate and with proper care, they can last a lifetime. When in use, it is anchored to the facial bone, both to prevent bone loss and to allow the user to eat and use it freely. Our zirconia blocks promote the restoration of healthy dental tissue and are suitable for patients who require permanent dental restoration, especially for patients with weak gum tissue.

Dental Veneers
Dental Veneers

Veneers are dental materials that are custom-made to cover the surface of the teeth after the dentist examined the patient. Because they can be customised to the patient’s tooth structure, our zirconia blocks provide a more natural and symmetrical tooth alignment. In addition, the veneering process causes minimal damage to the natural teeth and is comparatively less painful for the patient. At the same time, dental veneers can repair slight tooth misalignments, reduce the number of orthodontic treatments a patient has to undergo and reshape irregularly shaped teeth.

Dental Inlays and Onlays
Dental Inlays and Onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are two common restorative methods used in dental laboratories, mainly to repair larger structural damage to teeth. The main difference between the two methods is the area they cover. Inlays are used to repair smaller areas of damage, while onlays are used for larger areas of damage. Our zirconia blocks are currently the best material for inlays and onlays in the dental industry due to their excellent stability and strength.

Orthodontic Brackets
Orthodontic Brackets

An orthodontic bracket is a device used for orthodontic treatment. It is used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to apply pressure to the teeth to help them move into the right position. During orthodontic treatment, the orthodontic brackets are regularly adjusted by the dentist to help align the patient’s teeth according to the results of the orthodontic treatment. There are many different types of orthodontic brackets and the colour of zirconia brackets is closer to the colour of the teeth than traditional metal brackets, so even though patients use zirconia brackets, they do not show signs of orthodontic treatment when interacting with people.

zirconia block
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