How To Choose Between Zirconia Blocks And Lithium Disilicate For Different Needs

As dental materials commonly used in dental laboratories, zirconia blocks and lithium disilicate blocks are considered to be the first choice.But how to choose the right dental material for your needs is difficult for most people.

First, we need to know what factors need to be considered.

To summarise, there are 3 factors.

1.Strength and Durability.The strength and durability of a dental material is the first factor we consider when choosing a dental material. It is vital to ensure that the finished product will not break and cause damage to the mouth

2.Aesthetics. The similarity of the finished product to the natural tooth colour is very important when choosing materials. This also requires careful selection of the right material, and the right colour of material.

3.Biocompatibility. The biocompatibility of the material is of particular interest when selecting materials in order to avoid patient complications and adverse reactions.

Zirconia block applicable options:

1.Special requirements for the strength of the finished product, especially for making parts of the tooth that are chewed more often.

2.The need to minimise oral injury and avoid adverse patient reactions.

Lithium disilicate block applicable options:

1.For those with high aesthetic demands on the finished product or with photogenic needs.

2.Need to retain as much of the original structure of the natural tooth as possible.


Zirconia blocks and lithium disilicate are two popular options, each of which has its own unique advantages. By understanding their applications and benefits, you can make an informed decision to meet the different needs of your patients.

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