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XANGTECH milling bur is compatible with leading cad/cam machines and systems and strict industry standards to ensure that we provide our customers with high quality milling burs.

What is milling bur?

Dental milling burs are specialised tools used in dental laboratories to cut dental materials such as zirconia blocks, metals, PMMA and other dental materials. Dental milling burs are usually made of high quality diamond coated material and have good durability and wear resistance as well as excellent cutting ability. Dental milling burs are generally used in conjunction with a milling machine and computer aided design techniques are used to guide the use of the milling burs to achieve precise cutting results. Dental milling burs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to machine different dental materials. Smaller milling burs are used to finely machine the material, while larger milling burs are generally used to remove excess waste material.

The earliest dental milling bur were made of steel or hard metal alloys, which were hard, but less durable. In order to further improve the durability and precision of the milling burs, researchers have developed diamond coated milling burs. The emergence of this advanced material not only makes dental restorations more efficient, but also expands the range of applications for milling burs. In recent years, the manufacturing technology of milling burs has developed in the direction of greater precision. Mini type milling burs, which can be used to create finer and more complex dental restorations, have been produced on a large scale, and they are particularly suitable for cutting dental materials in confined spaces.XANGTECH milling burs are made in high quality, excellent compatibility and high durability to save you both time and money.It is of good quality, cuts efficiently and is widely appreciated by customers.

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Our wide range of milling bur allows us to meet the different needs of our customers

PMMA Milling Bur

Smooth cutting process avoids excessive milling burs wear and damage to the dental material, reduces process errors and improves the efficient use of the dental material.

Zirconia Milling Bur

With diamond coating to ensure efficient cutting of zirconia, reduced heat generation during machining, reduced high temperature damage to the material, low abrasiveness.

Metal Milling Bur

Made of hard alloy, it can withstand the high hardness of metal materials, and at the same time can withstand the high temperature generated by metal dental materials in processing.

Emax Milling Bur

Easily cuts hard materials with excellent durability, high cutting efficiency for precise cuts, smooth material cutting surfaces and beautiful finished products.

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A long service life not only improves efficiency and can reduce milling machine downtime, but also ensures material cutting accuracy and reduces the need for subsequent adjustments. In the long run, a long service life of product can reduce the number of milling burs replacements, saving costs and time.


The variety helps the dentist to choose the most suitable milling burs for each material, while ensuring the precision of the dental restoration. In addition, multiple milling bur allow for the switching of milling bur without stopping the process. Moreover, the variety of milling bur ensures that the milling burs are not overused and that the number of milling bur changes is reduced.


Good performance during machining and low failure rate.Good performance has not only gained a lot of favourable comments from our customers, but is also a strong support for our company’s products to be exported overseas. The good performance of our products not only facilitates the use by dentists, but also reduces the possibility of milling burs breakage.


Large reserves for quick delivery.We have a large stock of milling burs, can be shipped to customers as soon as possible after the order is placed, to ensure that customers can use our products as soon as possible. At the same time, a large number of stock can be in the customer want to replace the same type of milling burs when convenient replacement.

Competitive pricing

Because our milling burs are factory direct, we can guarantee to provide our customers with a large quantity of high quality milling burs at the lowest price in the industry, avoiding the increase of milling burs’ selling cost and the distributor’s markup in the reselling process. Moreover, depending on the quantity of milling burs purchased by customers, we will give customers corresponding discounts. For customers who buy a large quantity of milling burs at one time, we will provide the most favourable wholesale price for them. In addition, we often sell milling burs at a discount in order to give back to our customers, and provide free samples of new products for customers who have purchased many times, so as to help customers try new milling burs first.

Competitive pricing

Fast and efficient shipping

Fast and efficient shipping is vital for a company. When a customer places an order, we can deliver the milling burs in time to meet the customer’s expectation and build up the customer’s trust in us, meanwhile, the customer will repeat buying our milling burs in the future and also recommend our milling burs to other customers. In addition to this, fast and efficient logistics also establishes a good corporate image of our company, making our milling burs a sign of reliable quality and trustworthiness. In addition, efficient transport allows us to gain an advantage over our competitors and attract new customers while retaining customers who have already bought.

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Do I need to use different burs for different dental materials?

Certainly. The use of unsuitable milling burs increases the damage to the machine.

Does the price of different types of milling burs differ?

Yes, the different types of milling burs vary depending on the material to which they are applied

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