zirconia block

Dental Zirconia Block Production Process

Dental Zirconia Block Production Process Steps

Our company adopts the most advanced zirconia block production equipment in the industry, and is committed to building an international first-class zirconia block production line in strict accordance with international production standards.

Dental Zirconia Block Production Process

Zirconium powder
Zirconium Powder

In order to provide customers with high-quality zirconia blocks, we use the highest quality zirconia powder in strict accordance with industry standards

Dry pressure
Dry Pressure

We use the latest professional equipment to make the zirconia powder press into different shapes to facilitate the subsequent processing process

Cold isoststic pressing
Cold Isoststic Pressing

Using cold isostatic press to uniformly press the zirconia block at the same time to make zirconia density more compact and uniform


Pre-sintering can remove the excess moisture in the zirconia block, significantly improve the strength, and then make the final denture hard, wear-resistant, and prolong the service life


Use professional dental equipment to process zirconia blocks into zirconium blocks of different shapes to meet the different needs of customer

Inspection And Packing

Conducting strict quality inspection and packaging for the formed zirconia block to ensure the stable quality of our zirconia blocks

zirconia block
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