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What is dental zirconia disc?

Dental zirconia discs are one of the most common materials used in dentistry for making teeth. It is commonly used because it is hard, easy to work with and is similar in colour to the teeth.

The high flexural strength and hardness, the comprehensive adaptability and the excellent masking effect make it the most common dental material used in the dental industry today.

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Product By Translucency

Zirconia discs of different translucency for different dental parts

ht plus
High Translucent Plus White Zirconia Disc
st plus
Super Translucent Plus White Plus Zirconia Disc
Super Trsnslucnt Multilayer Zirconia Block
Super Translucnt Multilayer Zirconia Disc
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Consistency without deformation at high temperatures


Good light transmissivity makes it easy to achieve perfect dental results


Multi-species for multiple problems


Widely used in a wide range of applications

Accept Customization

Our own factory has a complete production line. Products can be customised at any time according to customer requirements, not only in terms of product logo, product specification, size, thickness, but also in terms of outer packaging.

Complete Certifications

Complete Certifications

A wide range of certificates and products that are trusted by many customers.Multi-party quality control, reliable and guaranteed quality.

Product Case Display

3d pro case
zirconia discs

Zirconia disc is naturally coloured, of excellent quality and long-lasting. Very similar to natural teeth and commonly used in the dental laboratory .

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4D Multilayer Zirconia Block
4D Multilayer Zirconia Disc

High transmissivity and advanced production technology

3D pro Multilayer Zirconia Block
3D Pro Multilayer Zirconia Disc

Natural colour transition and best price performance ratio

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Can I request a sample?

Of course you can, but you need to pay for shipping

How long does it take to ship?

5 -7 working days.

Can customers customise their own logo on zirconia discs?

Certainly.OEM or ODM is acceptable and customised outer packaging is available.

What colours are available for zirconia discs?


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